MS150 Training, Week 8 – A Ride of My Own

So, the Ready2Roll Training ride was all the way out in Fayetteville, TX, this past Saturday, and I just didn’t have the heart to get up at about 5am and drive an hour and a half out there to begin around 7:30am. Instead, I decided to hit the pavement around here like usual and bang out as many miles as I could. Unfortunately, about 18 miles in, I got foiled by the park being flooded – you’ll see in the pics below. So, I turned around, and did some other stuff around the neighborhood and still managed to get in almost 40 miles.

Nothing special to share, just some interesting pics of the flooding from our rampant rain last week.


Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 6.57.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 6.58.02 PM Starting from the garage at work. I thought about doing some laps around the garage to hit the ramps, and then enjoy some quick descents back down, but decided not to tire myself out before I even started.IMG_0850 IMG_0852The bridge over the Bayou at Beltway 8.
IMG_0853 Underneath the bridge, the Bayou was riding high – brought out some fishermen.IMG_0854 It was at this point I should have realized the main part of the park was going to be flooded. Silly me.IMG_0855 Sherman.IMG_0856 Terry Hershey Extension. A quiet, less traveled path that’s almost exactly 1 mile long. Perfect for sprints.IMG_0858 My first rest stop on what I thought would be ~50 miles. Little did I know…IMG_0860 Thwarted. It doesn’t look too bad, but where the water hits the horizon down there, it’s gotta be well over 20-30 ft deep. Not exactly fordable on a bike.IMG_0861 All the way back around the outside of the park. Took this from the top of the levy looking over the spillway. IMG_0863 Yup. Flooded.IMG_0864 IMG_0862


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