Review: Tuft & Needle 10″ Foam Mattress (The *NEW* version!)


Yup, a king size mattress came in that little box. Though FedEx decided to beat up the box, the mattress was unharmed.

Hey everyone! I’m back with a new review of the new version of Tuft & Needle’s 10″ foam mattress. So many of you interneted your way to my review of the older version of their mattress they asked if I’d be willing to do another review of their new mattress if they sent one to me. Obviously I jumped at the chance. The timing coincidentally worked out perfectly because we just bought our first house and were looking to upgrade from our queen size T&N mattress to a king. As a disclaimer: though the mattress was provided for free, my conclusions and opinions are unbiased and my own. I’m happy to promote quality products, especially those made in the US. Also, I love sleep; and a comfortable mattress is divine.

This time around I did one better and made a comprehensive video review. I covered everything from some info about the company, to their 100 day sleep trial, plus unboxing, inflating, and a quick look at laying on it. Oh, and I tossed in a quick 1.5+ year update on the first T&N mattress – you’ll be happy to know it’s comfortable as the day we got it.

To learn more about Tuft & Needle mattress, please check out their website. I’ll write a little more below the video, too, including what’s changed since my first review.

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So if you’re still on the fence about whether a T&N mattress is right for you, my suggestion would be to pull the trigger. You’ve got 100 days (that’s over 3 months!) to test sleep on it and make a decision. If your body doesn’t agree with it, just contact T&N and you can send it packing.

So what’s changed since my first review in June of 2014…

  • Tuft & Needle no longer offers a 5″ mattress. Personally, I never saw the point of such a thin mattress so I can’t say that will have much impact on anyone.
  • The foam and make of the mattress has changed a bit. The version we ordered in 2014 is no longer made, hence the *NEW* Version in this post’s title. The short of it is – T&N developed a new type of foam that would appeal to a wider

    Slide the mattress right out of the box.

    variety of sleepers. This also resulted in a slight price increase. You can read about all the specific details about this RIGHT HERE. I think each mattress went up about $50-$100.

  • The mattress is a bit more cushy on top. To me, the older version was a more firm (which I prefer), while still being plenty forgiving. You sank into it just enough while still getting excellent support. The new foam is thicker and definitely gives more, however I’ve found that it still gives me the firmness I desire. It definitely feels different than at Tempur-Pedic – so if you don’t like how those memory foam mattresses feel then don’t worry here.
  • The trial period has increased dramatically from 30 days to 100 days.

Things that haven’t changed since my first review in June of 2014…

  • #1 rated mattress on Amazon
  • 2015 Consumer Reports Best Buy
  • Still hand made in the USA
  • Still damn comfortable
  • Still incredibly less expensive than buying a foam mattress at a mattress store. A queen size Tempur-Pedic mattress starts at $2000. The price is comparable to regular spring mattresses, and what you get here is so much more.

The mattress comes vacuum packed. Watch it inflate before your eyes!

I think #1 complaint I hear from people whom I recommend T&N too is “how could you buy a mattress online – you can’t lay on it to test it before spending the money?!” That’s a pretty dumb excuse to not take a chance. Can you really believe that laying a 10 different mattresses in a store for 45 seconds at a time is going to tell you how it will feel during an actual night’s sleep – or after 6 months? No, of course not. You’re still gambling. I’ve slept on a regular mattress for almost all my life. I’ve slept on a Tempur-Pedic mattress a few times (I don’t care for how they feel). And I’ve slept on those god-awful monstrosities of uncomfortableness known as pillow-tops. Take my word for it – this is worth the gamble.

Poke around the T&N website for a little while and read about the company, and how the mattresses are designed and built. We did extensive research before buying ours last year and are still confident we made the right decision.

Well folks, there ya go! I hope between the video, this post, and their website we’ve helped you narrow down your choices for a new mattress. If you have any questions please feel free to leave one in the comments. Or if you’ve ordered a T&N mattress based on my recommendation I’d also love to hear about it!


Stay Tuned….

Tuft & Needle 10″ Mattress: Six Month Review

Tuft & Needle has a new mattress – and we got one! I‘ve posted a short written review and a comprehensive video review! This post is a little out of date, though some of the info is still good. So make sure to check out the new review! Thanks.


We’ve been sleeping on our new mattress from Tuft & Needle now for a little over six months. Since so many people found my initial review and thoughts helpful, I figured six months is a good time for an update. As expected, I’ve got nothing but great things to say.

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Click to learn more about Tuft & Needle’s mattresses

We ordered the 10″ because it fit the best with the bed frame from IKEA we had picked out and we didn’t want to have to use a box IMG_0410spring. Sure you can use a bunky board with the 5″, but in my head all I see is a really flat looking bed that would only really work on a platform type frame. Anyway, we opted for 10″ of comfort set atop the wooden slats that fit with the frame. You can see if we didn’t have a box spring, the mattress would be sunken into the frame and it’d be like sleeping in a crib. I think at 33 I’m past that stage of life. The 10″ sits in it perfectly and rises probably 5+” above the top of the frame.

I like a firmer mattress, while my wife likes something that is a little softer, yet still supportive. We were initially looking into getting a Tempur-Pedic for that reason – but holy crap are they cost prohibitive. I don’t like spending $70 on a shirt from Banana Republic that I’ll have for 5 years, so dropping $3,000+ on a mattress seemed downright absurd. Plus after some research we found a lot of complaints about memory foam being too hot, and sometimes not great for sex (hey that’s important). Thankfully I read an article on Wired about Tuft & Needle and we did some more research. $500 later, bam, a queen mattress showed up at our door vacuum packed.

IMG_0414Obviously it’s hard to know what you’re getting when you order something sight unseen, but we decided to take the gamble. The 5″ was the #1 rated mattress on Amazon, and after getting written up by Wired and doing our own research it seemed worth it. Tuft & Needle offers a 100 day window for you to return it anyway. So why not?

Our initial days of sleep were probably influenced by new-mattress-joy, and you can’t really make a determination about something until it’s broken in. But even after a month we were still loving it. Now, six-months deep, we are still loving it. It still feels as firm as it did on day one, and there doesn’t seem to be any discernible divoting or sagging – which was one of their claims. The cover of the mattress shows little to no wearing, aside from a little stretching due to the friction of where the heavier parts of our bodies rest on the mattress nightly. Something I’d like to mention is how easy it is to sit on the edge of the bed without being dumped off by bending springs, or having the edge dig up into your bottom because it’s reinforced. I’ve never had an easier time tying my shoes – weird, I know.

IMG_0412 IMG_0413

You’re probably wondering “Dan – why are you so bonkers about a mattress?” That’s a fair question. I’ve slept on some pretty fabulous mattresses and some downright offensive ones. Plus, mattresses are expensive and, some would say, an investment since it’s not something you buy new every year. When you get it, you know you’re going to have it for years and years. You sleep on it every night, and your mental and physical health depends on the quality of that sleep. My wife fussed over the mattress we had previously – I bought it new when I moved to Virginia in 2007. She hated it by itself, so we got a memory foam topper from Ikea that helped a lot. It wore out, we got a cheaper one, it sucked for both of us. We needed something new. This mattress kicks ass, and this company is doing things right. I like to support companies that do things well – especially smaller ones, and here in the US.

It should be noted Tuft & Needle have raised their prices since our purchase. The 10″ queen has jumped from $500 to $600. That’s a little disappointing, since a lower price was part of the initial draw, and a big selling point. I’d probably let it slide if it had jumped only $50, but $100 is pretty substantial. I can’t recall the price of the King, but the Full is now $500, so that definitely went up too. It’s still a good deal though because most regular mattresses you’ll find in the $500-700 range are lower end spring mattresses instead of mixed foam and memory foam like Tuft & Needle’s.

UPDATE: Daehee Park, one of the founders of Tuft & Needle, responded to my tweet of the review with an excellent explanation of the cost increase. They invented a new foam. Cool! Read the post about it HERE. Also of note, the warranty has been increased from 7 to 10 years, and applies to existing customers as well. That’s pretty rad. Many thanks, Daehee, for the info.

Well, there you have it. The mattress still gets my recommendation. I’ll try to remember to do an update after a full year.

To learn more about Tuft & Needle or to buy a mattress, click HERE!

Sleep well.