Who ya gonna call?! …The bank…for a loan…

The other week I excitedly posted information about LEGO’s upcoming Ghostbuster’s Headquarters set – to be released in January of 2016.

More info was released today including more pictures, especially of the inside, and……..the price.


Look, I love LEGO, but c’mon. I’ve pretty much made it a rule that my maximum limit for buying a set is $200. And even that is pretty unreasonably high.

I think the set looks absolutely fantastic with tons of details from both movies. I love it. But I might have to wait and see how much money I get back from my tax return – or maybe call in all my favors for a single combined birthday present. All I know is I won’t be running out and buying it no matter how much 8 year old me wants to.

Check out some official pics from LEGO below…

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(for the record, i would have dropped the $500 for the UCS Millennium Falcon in a heartbeat if I had a good job when that sucker came out)


LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters coming in January 2016!!

My inner child is squealing with glee!

The Next LEGO CUUSOO Set: ‘Who Ya Gonna Call?’

The official LEGO Cuusoo blog has announced what the next fan-created official LEGO set will be: The Ghostbuster’s famous car ECTO-1, along with minifigured version of our favorite characters: Venkman, Winston, Ray, and Egon. As a child of the 80’s and a lover of the film, this is great.

While the original fan model will be tweaked to conform to LEGO guidelines and building specs, let’s hope that it doesn’t end up looking like the previous Cuusoo set for Back to the Future‘s time-traveling DeLorean – which as you may recall looks like shit.

It’s unfortunate the set didn’t include the Ghostbuster’s famous fire-house headquarters from the movie. You can see the complete set in the picture below – along with the other sets that were considered but ultimately rejected. It’s too bad, too, the headquarters and the car would have made an awesome set. The Female Scientists set is still under consideration – and I hope they decide to go ahead with it because there needs to be a larger focus on women in the sciences. Make it!
Here’s a cheesy video from LEGO revealing the winner, and talking about some more LEGO news. Visit the official Cuusoo blog using the link at the top of this post to read the full release details.

Don’t cross the streams.