From June 1, 2008 – May 31, 2009, I took a photo with a LEGO mini-figure every day. An entire year. I chronicled the project on a LEGO a Day, a LEGO photoblog I made specifically to share the photos.

Then LEGO started releasing the collectible series of minifigures, supplying me with a seemingly unending array of different characters to create fun with. So, I decided to do it again.

Year two ran August 1, 2010 – July 31, 2011. All told, there were well over 730 photos, mixed in with some contests, LEGO book reviews, and some random cool stuff I wanted to share.

In the end, I created two Photobooks (available on Blurb), and made prints and other merchandise such as greeting cards, and even iPhone cases (available at RedBubble). All are still available!

While I don’t see myself completing another year-long project, I will be taking more photos with LEGO minifigs in the future, so stay tuned! Oh, and all the photos from both years and everything else are still up on the blog. Click the link at the top of this page to browse through hundreds of photos!


8 thoughts on “LEGO365

  1. I love your lego photography! You have been so inspiring! I am totally addicted. I have looked on your website and you say you have over 700 photos but I can’t find them. Can you send me a link?! happy face!

    • Go to the ‘a LEGO a Day’ website (the link is in the text above the first picture on this page) and just begin clicking back to older posts. You can also choose to use the ‘Archives’ drop menu at the bottom of the page and go back to the first month of June 2008 – though you’ll still have to click ‘older entries’ at the bottom of the page below the last picture.
      The only way to see all the posts truly chronologically is to go here:
      and then hit the white arrow button below right of the picture to go to the next post.


  2. Way back during year one, I was addicted to your photos. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon them…but I would pull up the site as soon as I got to work each morning. I loved that I could laugh at them….sometimes the commentary was my favorite part…and that sometimes, they were just so beautiful! Several big life changes happened, and I “lost” the photo blog. But would randomly think of the photos and smile. Today–my 4 year old twins were carrying handfuls of just figures around the house, and again….your photos popped into my mind. So, I googled to find you again. The kids and I sat and giggled at the antics of the legos. I cannot wait to see what you’ve inspired their little minds to create. I’m glad to see that you did actually do a book (and another!). Can’t wait to talk hubs into letting me make the purchase. 🙂 Thanks for keeping the site up so that we can still look at the pics.

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