I have been, and always shall be…your depressing Christmas tree decoration


2014 End / 2015 Begin

And thus ends 2014.

I’ll admit, it was a pretty great year. I got a great job after being out of work for 6 months, my wife has settled into her job and is loving it, and living in Houston is fantastic. We participated in, and finished, our first MS150 and it was an incredible experience. My wife got to travel and explore the French and the Swiss Alps, while I rebuilt my first bike. Many of our friends brought new life into the world, while we lost some of our older friends, too. But this is life. 2015 is already shaping up to be another good year. I’ll become full time at work, we’ll finally go on our honeymoon after 5 years of waiting, and hopefully by the end of the year we’ll be buying our first house.

I wish everyone the best, and for a prosperous and fun-filled 2015. Onward!


Sure, you’ve been good this year, but…

…have you been ‘Santa delivers your presents with a giant robot‘ good?

Merry eXo-mas!



Black Friday: When Cheap Idiots Buy Crappy Stuff


This picture says it all.
Today is the day, well, morning really, when people stampede to places like Target and Wal-Mart to snatch up glorious deals on everything from pants to computers.

The hilarious thing about Black Friday and the people that go to snatch up these things is that if they instead saved a little money and bought a quality TV that is highly rated by Consumer Reports, or is at least a recognizable brand, they would probably end up saving more money in the end because they don’t have to buy a new TV in a year when this no-name piece of shit brand dies.

Merry Crapsmas!

Into the storm (spoiler: we survived)

So naturally to add to my fear of flying, there just had to be a nor’easter occurring at exactly the time our flight from Houston to Washington DC was landing. Thankfully we were coming in when the worst was forecasted to just be starting. And also thankfully it didn’t turn out to be nearly as bad as predicted.
But, it still made for a pretty sweet series of photos from showing the transition from a beautifully clear morning in Houston to a massive squall line in Virginia.

Shows you how flat Houston really is, lol.

You can the buildings of downtown standing tall above everything else.

Coastline and the Gulf of Mexico. Just northeast of the Galveston area.

First view of the nor’easter. Quite the bank of clouds.