LEGO Countdown to The Force Awakens

There are now only 10 days left until the new Star Wars movie comes out and like every other geeknerd out there I’m excited as hell.

So I’ve been doing a little countdown on my Instagram page – reposting some of my own, and fan, favorite Star Wars LEGO pics from the two 365 projects I did years ago.

If you aren’t already following me on Instagram, head on over and do so to catch the remainder of the countdown, as well as other LEGO pics and random photos of cycling, pets, travels, and whatever else my phone points at. <shameless plug>

Here’s a few to get you rolling!

The Force Awakens opens December 18th! OMG OMG OMG

I haven’t posted much lately – mostly because it’s been a busy holiday season with friends and family visiting us in our new house. Plus work, and there hasn’t been much to gab about.

I will be posting some reviews of some new cycling equipment I’ve purchased lately – so that’s coming soon. Plus I’m sure I will post a review of the new Star Wars movie as well. I haven’t posted movie reviews lately – been pretty lazy. Ok, here’s a few quick ones:

SPECTRE: A good Bond movie because it paid homage to earlier Bond films in many ways: gadgets, lines, and of course the title & the villain: spoiler alert – it’s Blofeld. But it’s not like you didn’t already know that. The action sequences were glorious, the scenery was glorious, Daniel Craig was spot on again. The story was a little long I thought, but the biggest problem was Christoph Waltz was grossly under utilized. He is such a fabulous actor and he could have really been a sinister villain but I just left the theater wanting way more.
Overall grade: C+

Mockingjay Part 2: The final installment in the Hunger Games franchise delivered exactly what it needed to. It was nearly a page for page run through of the second half of the book – it had to be because the book isn’t long and they stretched it into two films. Overall I thought it was a pretty strong finish to the series with good action, and a satisfying conclusion to the overall story. It wasn’t longer than it needed to be and was long enough to hit all the main plot points. It’s interesting to see how far the quality of the movie and production progressed as the series went on.
Overall grade: A

Inside Out: It’s not without its faults, like any movie, but I thought it was absolutely brilliant. The way they took something as complex as the way your brain works and stores memories, and represented it visually and physically – absolutely brilliant. I loved it. It wasn’t a hilarious Pixar movie – but I don’t think it was meant to be. It was a good story that was backed by an incredibly well thought out and clever world. That’s the movie’s biggest strength.
Overall grade: A

Here are some random flicks I’ve watched in the past few months that I would also highly recommend: Zero Dark Thirty, Snowpiercer, The Imitation Game.



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