Who ya gonna call?! …The bank…for a loan…

The other week I excitedly posted information about LEGO’s upcoming Ghostbuster’s Headquarters set – to be released in January of 2016.

More info was released today including more pictures, especially of the inside, and……..the price.


Look, I love LEGO, but c’mon. I’ve pretty much made it a rule that my maximum limit for buying a set is $200. And even that is pretty unreasonably high.

I think the set looks absolutely fantastic with tons of details from both movies. I love it. But I might have to wait and see how much money I get back from my tax return – or maybe call in all my favors for a single combined birthday present. All I know is I won’t be running out and buying it no matter how much 8 year old me wants to.

Check out some official pics from LEGO below…

12194673_10153303118368403_5606204754525091578_o 11242206_10153303115278403_8990843071523250449_o 12191259_10153303117718403_5506922906532727294_o 12232919_10153303115053403_2574400677238695643_o 905650_10153303115763403_3233629306683434431_o

(for the record, i would have dropped the $500 for the UCS Millennium Falcon in a heartbeat if I had a good job when that sucker came out)


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