Tour de Houston 2015

This past Sunday was the 100th running, uh, cycling? of the Tour de Houston. Last year was a good time except for getting soaked to the bone by rain. The routes change every year so this year we got to ride through some areas of the city-at-large we don’t usually drive or ride through. The wife and I chose the 40 mile route, which was just long enough. Turnout was good, like last year, and overall the riders were well behaved.

There’s something almost surreal about coming into the city at 6:30 in the morning with the buildings all lit up, and gathering with thousands of other cyclists ready to pedal through the city and out into the burbs. Surreal is probably an overstatement, but it’s really cool – so sue me.

The roads on the route were in good shape, so compliments to the City and their planning of the routes. My only gripe is the lack of good snacks at the rest stops. The ride support and help was great.

Huge shoutout and thanks to the Houston Police and the local constables along the routes, and the hundred or so volunteers for all their help in holding down the intersections, and providing help at the rest stop and on the route. Thank you!!

In the heat of the moment starting off, I didn’t start my GPS. And of course I didn’t notice until we were about 3 miles out. Which is why the starting point of the map below isn’t the same as the end (which was right down in front of City Hall).

I look forward to riding in it again next year and what part of the city they’ll send us to then.

Here are the pics I took along the way.

Here’s the route. The route planners seem to be big on out-and-back, instead of loops. My guess is because it cuts amount of police required to hold up intersections in half. The missing piece of the route before I turned on my GPS was from the red flag heading west down Allen Parkway to Memorial drive.Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 7.05.04 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 7.02.26 PM Upset this came out blurry – but, even the iPhone’s camera can’t avoid light & photography physics. This was our arrival around 6:30am.IMG_0870 In the park, signing in at the registration tent, and getting our rider’s packets.IMG_0871Milling around, waiting to line up to go.
IMG_0877 IMG_0879 IMG_0882 Having complete control of the wide open road is so fantastic. I wish it could be like this all the time when riding!IMG_0883 Rest stop #1IMG_0884 Heading down TC Jester Blvd. The riders on the left are already coming back from the turnaround.IMG_0886 Not all the intersections were Police controlled. Sometimes, you just have to wait for the lights.IMG_0887 Over the head shot.IMG_0888 Rest stop #2. This was our turn around point to head back to the start/end.IMG_0890Oh Sherman, you so sexy.
IMG_0893Even though they’ll never see this, I want to say thanks to all the motorists we interacted with all day on the route. We had ZERO issues with them. They were safe and courteous and patient, and for that I am grateful – because, I know we inconvenienced a bunch – I mean just look at our line in the turn only lane!
IMG_0894 Rode with these guys for a few miles. They were hilarious. Dumb & Dumber is one of my favorite movies (how could it not be?) so this was especially awesome. I love folks who go the extra mile like this to really have fun and enjoy the event. Kudos, Harry & Lloyd!IMG_0895 At first I thought this photo wasn’t that great, but then I noticed you could actually see the silhouettes of downtown straight ahead. I just wish it had been sunny.IMG_0896 Going down Washington was annoying because of all the lights. But, we had good cheers from the folks sitting outside at restaurants/coffee shops and from some people in the cars too!IMG_0897 Just about there. The city looms large now.IMG_0899 After the finish line. A panorama of the park where there was live music, booths with beer and food and lots of people just chillin’ after a great time.IMG_0903 IMG_0906 Victory!!
Back at the car ready to head out.

IMG_0907 On the way home we drove past where we had ridden by only an hour or so before. Lots of riders doing the 60 mile route were still coming back – you can see them straight ahead waiting to turn. Also, the guy in front of us had an amazingly sexy classic GTO.IMG_0908A delicious lunch was in order. So, what better place to stop?!

So there’s the 2015 Tour de Houston! I can’t wait for next year!


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