As most of you well know, the number of fan created sets submitted to the LEGO Ideas site and voted on by other fans is huge. And only a handful of them reach the 10,000 votes to put them into the review process, and then only one or two get picked to go into production. There have been some great ones in the recent past; the Curiosity Rover, Ghostbusters, Scientists, and ExoSuit.

The most recent round had a lot of sweet stuff:

The winner was revealed today, and I’m seriously changing pants because I am so excited about WALL*E!! For those that don’t know, Wall*E holds a special place in my heart as not just my favorite Pixar movie, but also because that little robot is just so damn adorable. During my six years teaching elementary school I amassed quite a collection of Wall*E paraphanalia from students, friends, and myself. (Yes, I still have them all – they are now in my office at work!)

Anyway, while we don’t yet know what the final model will look like because they always vary slightly from the fan-made original one, I’m still pretty excited. According to the video (below) it was created by a guy who actually worked on the movie. Awesome.

Here’s the video outlining the rules and the winner for this round:

Also, LEGO finally decided on some Dr. Who set, but Dr. Who is stupid so who cares. Here’s a picture of it:
So we’ll be getting two LEGO Ideas sets in 2015 – at least.

I really really really wish the AT-AT walker would have been picked but I’m sure it was ruled out due to it’s size and other various building factors.

Bring on WALL*E!!


3 thoughts on “New LEGO Ideas Sets Revealed OMG WALL-E YES YES YES YES

    • LoL I am glad you are excited. I’ve always found Dr. Who so cheesy that it was dumb. But that’s just me. I recognize it’s incredible staying power over the decades! Should be fun to put together the Tardis, though!

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