[Review] LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship (75021)

This is the third Republic Gunship LEGO has released, but I think it’s also probably their best. There are two features missing that would have made it perfect, but I’ll get to those later. Overall, the build is very impressive. I’m glad I’m at a point where I can build the larger sets that make incredible decorative pieces. This one turned out to be a little larger than I was expecting – but I’m OK with that. Being able to have a good sized model of something you love, and have that model made of LEGO, is just really frickin’ cool.

I had a lot more fun putting this set together than the Parisian Restaurant – obviously because it was much less tedious. It was also much less of an undertaking which has its merits. All of the bags are numbered in an increasing order, with each bag building a different section of them ship. I was most fascinated with how the separate sections built on to each other and snapped together to form a mostly solid and coherent shape. I know it’s not new, but I love the numbered bags because it allows you to only have the pieces on the table you need at that moment, instead of dumping out 1,000 pieces and wading through them to find what you need.
IMG_0562There are a total of 9 individual bags, mostly about the same medium size, and the instruction booklets are easy to follow and let you know what bags you need to be working with.

IMG_0563The set comes with 5 minifigs (which I didn’t take photos of), and a few are pretty unique. I didn’t do any real research (because honestly I really don’t care) but from what I’ve read the Padme included is rare. It’s the terrible cropped shirt with claw slashes from the pit on Geonosis in Episode II (which let’s just put out there is one of the stupidest parts of any movie ever – oh hell that whole movie is just painful). The Obi-Wan figure is sporting some crazy hair, and Anakin is probably whining somewhere. Plus there are two clone troopers. Oh, and there are also two droids I threw in the trash because they are without a doubt LEGO’s weakest “minifig” to date, and I already have some.
IMG_0566Overall, I think the set is pretty sturdy, save for the wings. Don’t get me wrong they are on there pretty good but they’re definitely the weak point. The rest of the skeleton of the ship is pretty solid. As you go through the bags, more and more gets added onto the top building out the structure making it more stable. The cockpit doesn’t have many secure points, but the way it lays makes it alright I think. The sliding doors are pretty awesome, and easy to work back and forth. However this is one the negatives I mentioned earlier – the doors do not close all the way like they do in the movie/Clone Wars TV series – they only close about half way (as you’ll see the pics to follow).

My other gripe is the ball turrets in the wings should be a full sphere, while these are only half. I’m sure it has something to do with how to fasten the smooth sided pieces into the wing, but hey, those LEGO folks are geniuses or something, aren’t they? Figure it out!


So that’s about it. There isn’t much else to say about the set. It took about 3 hours to assemble – again, while I was watching TV, so a less distracted person could easily do it in 2 I bet. It looks fantastic and is a pretty spitting image of the gunships in the movie and the show. It’s definitely playable, but as I said it also makes a great decorative piece of memorabilia on the shelf. Currently, mine is sitting on top of the bookshelf in my office. Looks great.

The set is kind of old and I think it’s probably nearing the end of its life cycle so I’d hop on it soon if you can. Here’s the rest of the pics of the completed product.

IMG_0570 IMG_0578 IMG_0573 IMG_0572 IMG_0575 IMG_0574 IMG_0571 IMG_0577 IMG_0576


Republic Gunship:
Overall Look: 5/5
Detail: 3/5
Clarity of instructions: 5/5
Fun to build: 5/5
Price: 3/5
Time required: 5/5



One thought on “[Review] LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship (75021)

  1. yo, bruh. U made a mistake- they DO NOT close fully- this is the low altitude variant- doors remain slighlty open all the time. Do some proper research before making such a statement 😉

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