[Review] LEGO Parisian Restaurant Modular

Christmas was good; the wife got me the new Parisian Restaurant modular building. Like the rest of the recent modulars, its packed full of amazing details and makes a nice addition to your city street. While the building itself is quite spectacular, I will say I didn’t find it as fun of a build as some of the previous ones. I attribute this to laying down the numerous 1×1 tiles and how long it took to build just the first floor. The 2nd floor took a while as well. Of course this is largely due to how intricate the details are – so it’s kind of a Catch 22.

I haven’t a lot to say about the building process, so I’ll post the pics and put some notes with each. Even though some of the building was tedious it was very cool seeing the final product come together. I assembled it over the course of about 4 or 5 nights – but I was also half watching TV while doing it so I was constantly distracted. If you sat down and concentrated you could probably bang it out in about 4-5 hours I bet.

Enjoy! (Click any of the pics for the larger version)

IMG_0533The kitchen is especially detailed. Here’s a view of the oven/cooktop before the first floor was finished off.

IMG_0534The main dining room is pretty neat. Here’s a look at the main tables with their lamps.

IMG_0536Behind the building is a rear exit and a pretty cool dumpster. Who’d ever think a dumpster would be cool.

IMG_0537Here’s most of the first floor before the walls went up. The outdoor patio actually reads “CHEZ” in the tiles, but then you cover it up with the tables and chairs. (Chez is the name of the restaurant.) The chain link fence is a really cool detail.

IMG_0539A more complete shot of the kitchen almost completed. I’m blown away by the detail here. The sink is especially cool, and so is the fridge in the right corner. I’m not quite sure what the blade all the way on the right is because I’m pretty sure it could be used to fight a dragon. But the rolling pin is a great detail, as is the stack of plates and the glasses. Honestly, the kitchen might be the highlight of the entire building (though the Murphy Bed upstairs is pretty brilliant.

IMG_0538I mostly just included this because the wine cabinet is now there. It’s hard to see because of the lighting but it has 4 bottles, and simulated drawers beneath. Plus corner shelving. Overall, a really cool piece to assemble.

IMG_0540 Love the menu brick. Yes, you can actually read the headings.

IMG_0541Front view, after first floor completed.

IMG_0542Looking down into the first floor. You can get a good glimpse of the wine cabinet and the general layout, plus the completed kitchen.

IMG_0550Here’s a look down into the completed 2nd floor. You can see the murphy bed and the mini-kitchen. I also love the swiveling chair.

IMG_0551The murphy bed is a fascinating detail. Brilliant design, really. And as I mentioned I dig the swiveling chair and the small table in front of the fireplace. Makes for a cozy little 2nd floor apartment.

IMG_0552Close up of the kitchenette.

IMG_0554Beginning to build the 3rd and final floor.

IMG_0555The artist’s loft on the 3rd floor is also pretty cool. My favorite detail is the kiln, complete with stovepipe chimney. Mega.
IMG_0557Complete! I didn’t get a separate pic of the side balcony dining area, but it’s small and a nice touch to the outdoor seating of the restaurant. Unless it belongs to the 2nd floor apartment. Hard to say, I haven’t seen the building’s deed. LEGO left that out.

IMG_0556 Back side. I guess this is a better view of the dining balcony, and the entrance to the artist’s loft. Again, notice the nifty dumpster. Yes, there is garbage in it.

IMG_0558Here’s how it looks nestled into place between the Palace Theater and the old Cafe Corner. I had to split apart and move the Townhouse/Pet shop to the back corners to make room for another full size building.

IMG_0559Here’s the top of the other bookshelf, the temporary (until we get a house) “other side of the street,” as it were. You’ll notice I’m out of room for future buildings. I think I’ll relegate the old Cafe Corner to the shelf in the bedroom by itself and put the new Detective’s Office modular in it’s place. Stay tuned for a post on that coming soon!

IMG_0560I think the Parisian Restaurant might do best at the end of a street on a corner, otherwise the balcony dining area gets kind of claustrophobic and dark! Either way, still looks great!

I am looking forward to putting together the new Detective’s Office building. But first, I am assembling the Star Wars Republic Gunship which I managed to snag before it was discontinued, then I’m going to assemble the X-Wing. Very excited for that!

If you’ve got photos of your buildings please share them! I love to see what others do with their sets. I’m pretty limited to just “decoration” at this point.

Thanks for reading.

Parisian Restaurant:
Overall Look: 5/5
Detail: 5/5
Clarity of instructions: 3/5*
Fun to build: 3.5/5
Price: 3/5
Time required: 5/5

*I’d like to note that I wish LEGO would continue highlighting the pieces used/added in each step. I don’t remember what I was building (Town Hall maybe) but I found that incredibly useful. In the booklet there was a super thin white line around all the pieces being used in that step ON THE DIAGRAM, so when you looked at the picture you saw every piece being added and where it was. It’s especially useful when there are small or half-hidden pieces being added that you don’t discover you missed until 2 steps later. I’ve not seen it on ANY other instructions.


4 thoughts on “[Review] LEGO Parisian Restaurant Modular

  1. This sounds awesome! If you ever have spare time, I’ve found out that the Lego Digital Designer (LDD) is really great (and user friendly) – you can build virtual LEGO sets! There used to be a thing where you could order your set, but I believe that was discontinued.

    • I downloaded the LDD but haven’t really had a chance to use it – that was like 9 months ago. When I look at a set as intricate as these I think to myself I would never be able to think of how to make things work like these guys do. It’d be smashing to be able to order a set you created, but I bet you just have to do the pick a brick thing now.

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