Let’s talk about this outfit from Banana Republic’s website

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 2.10.22 PMNo socks with dress shoes.

Ankle pants?

A T-shirt under a blazer.

The blazer’s sleeves are rolled up.

Is this stylish? Is this style? Companies like Banana Republic and J Crew certainly think so. I think it looks absurd. My internal thesaurus is failing me; I can’t even think of a word to describe how dumb it looks. Are those pants from when he was 15? Was his internal dialogue this morning “Hey the waist still fits – but they’re a little short since I’ve grown 6″ since then. Oh well, let’s do lunch!” 

Now I know this isn’t a real person and the store dressed this model to showcase some of its clothes, but, this is clearly staged as a full outfit. If this is how people in style are supposed to be dressing I’m glad I apparently have no style.

Where exactly are you going dressed like this? I certainly wouldn’t go to work sporting man-capris and no socks. Nor a plain t-shirt. Do you put it on to go to Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods (using these examples because only dumb hipsters would dress this way, and these are well known hipster destinations). You’re certainly not going to Denny’s dressed like that. Maybe a nice restaurant? I doubt it (the no socks thing). Probably not just tooling around town on errands, either. This must be exclusively for hanging out at independent coffee shops with other hipsters. I can’t think of anything else.

In summation, I think this animated GIF best expresses my feelings on this whole subject:



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