[Movie Review] Big Hero 6, & Interstellar

Both of these have been out for quite a while now, so I’m sure you’ve read your fair share of reviews, so I don’t have much to say here except both of these movies are fantastic. Though, obviously for different reasons…

[Big Hero 6] 
d8ed22ee860790f58ad96cf0266b861457b9c7edDisney hit a solid home-run with this animated feature. It’s got a ton of laughs, and a pretty decent amount of heart, too. The trailer for the movie is pretty misleading, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Baymax, the lovable, huggable, Michelin-Man-esque robot provides audiences with much the same awww-inspiring personality that Wall*E brought into our lives those years ago. (Fun fact: to this day, WALL*E remains my favorite animated movie ever.) Much like Pixar’s Up, the movie’s characters, and audiences, are dealt a pretty devastation blow early in the film. Though here it takes a bit more of a sinister turn than it did with Mr. Fredrickson.

Despite some of the dark undertones the film follows, it takes a surprising turn and ends up being a pretty great ride with tons of laughs – some of which are very reminiscent of WALL*E, as it’s one of the only other recent films with a robot as a protagonist where the film makers effectively relayed emotion through non-human characters. The animation is fabulous, too, which is another perk. If you haven’t seen it, take the kids and go have some laughs.

Oh, and make sure you stay until the end of the credits 🙂

Big Hero 6: A 


If you have an IMAX theater in your town that is showing this movie in the 70mm IMAX film, see it. If you’ve got to settle for regular IMAX, see it. Don’t have an IMAX, see it.

So, I don’t want to spoil too much of this movie for those who haven’t seen it because in this case it really takes away from the whole point of the film. (See it.) But suffice to say, it’s a very stressful movie in many respects. The peril. The tugging of heartstrings. The unbelievably epic space-scapes. This movie is big, in every respect. Much like Inception, and The Dark Knight, director Christopher Nolan uses the musical score as more than an accompaniment to the film – it’s a character in the film. Yes, it’s supposed to be loud and overpowering. The music is supposed to be as deafening as the silence and grandeur of space.
interstellar.black_.hole_While the story is pretty straightforward, it’s very engaging. But it’s the science behind the movie that interests me the most. Because science is awesome. What’s so mind blowing about much of the science in the movie is that it’s as accurate as possible, and everything else, while creatively inventive, still is based on theories. The picture above is a shot from the movie showing a black hole. The most amazing thing about it, aside from how freakin’ awesome it looks, is that it’s mathematically accurate, and the most accurate depiction of what light swirling around the event horizon of a black hole would look like. Let’s not even get into time dilation because that’s a whole other breed of mind-fuck.

I was as fascinated by the science as I was by the film itself. It’s a thinker, for sure. We’re all used to our usual three dimensions; but Interstellar goes beyond to the fourth (time), and toys with the idea of gravity as a fifth dimension. It weaves a very complex web of events and story that will definitely have you leaving the theater pondering the universe in ways you probably haven’t before.

The movie is also not without its faults though – some pretty cliche dialogue, and a little deus ex machina toward the end, but I was willing to look past it all to enjoy the overall scope of the movie. You should too. Go see it.

Interstellar: A+


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