Tuesday Tirade on a Wednesday

I haven’t had much to complain about lately; life’s been pretty good -except for the devolution of government in the US, and Ted Cruz being his usual clueless moronic self throwing his ignorance at net-neutrality along with his equally clueless followers – but that’s a topic for a different day.

Today I’m annoyed because I live in an apartment complex – or rather, the fact the office closes at 5:30pm during “winter hours.” (Seriously, it’s Houston, Texas and they have “winter hours” that kicked in when daylight savings ended.) The USPS doesn’t deliver packages to our door – they all go to the office. On Monday, I received my copy of the new Pink Floyd album, The Endless River on vinyl. Or I should say I saw on Amazon it was delivered – since the USPS didn’t leave a notice in my mailbox. It’s now Wednesday: I still don’t have my record.

Here’s my issue: In general, people leave work around 5pm – usually a little after. Unless you live really close to work – what are the odds you’re making it back to the complex to catch the office before it closes? Especially here in Houston – the 4th largest city in the country with an assload of people and traffic during the go-home period. Not good.

Yeah I know, you’re over there saying “Dan, just leave work early! Duh!” Hey, thanks, I hadn’t thought of that.
People can’t always just cut out early. Some businesses don’t allow it, some people need every possible minute to work on their tasks. “Dan, then why don’t you come in earlier! Then you can leave earlier too!” Oh, hey, I hadn’t thought of that either. This is possible for me once in a while – but it’s hard since we only have one car so that means my wife needs to be ready to leave at the same time. If I choose to ride my bike in to work, I’d have to leave even earlier to account for the longer arrival time (same goes for the ride home). But, that’s just me – what about all the other people who live in this complex with obstacles keeping them from leaving earlier willy-nilly, like having kids to get ready.

My point is, the office is supposed to be providing a service for people at their home. This isn’t a nail salon, or a bakery, or whatever; people make appointments to go to those places specifically, at specific times (sometimes leaving work, if possible, to do it). But when I can’t make it home to pick up a package, or file a maintenance request, or something else because the office closes before the majority of it’s tenants are even on the road to come home – what the hell am I supposed to do? (Can’t do it in the mornings on the way out to work because the office does not open until 8:30 or 9am.)

For those curious, the regular non-winter hours have the office open until 6pm, which I have no issue with.

I really want my record.


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