Sherman gets a few updates

So there was this incredibly annoying rattling coming from my handlebars. I thought maybe a mounting screw inside the brake hoods/brakes was loose but upon investigating that wasn’t it. Turns out the spreading bolt on my bar-end shifter had loosened up. Unfortunately, it was impossible to reinsert the bar-end shifter without unwrapping the bar tape so the brake cables could be loose. So, I unintentionally ended up re-wrapping my bars as well.


It was good because I was ready for a new color and the orange was getting dirty. This also allowed me the opportunity to move my hoods forward a little (something else you can’t do when your bars are wrapped). I usually order my bar tape from Amazon, but since I needed it immediately, I went to the LBS to grab some. I’ve been very pleased with the Profile Design cork wrap – offers great cushion and looks good. There is only one shop around that I’ve found that sells it but they only carry orange, green, and purple. Three fabulous colors but I’m not much of a purple guy even though it’d probably look great with my green bike. Green obviously is too close in color, and I was trying to switch from orange.

So I went with some Fizik Performance tape, it looked good and felt pretty nice in the box. And for $24.99 it freakin better be. So, I got it in yellow, wrapped up my bars, and Sunday went for a quick 34 mile jaunt – and I was not impressed. Even with gloves on, I felt the tape offered little to no cushion where I needed it – especially the top of the bar, around the bend right behind the hoods – you know, right where that all important ulnar/wrist area rests…
So I think I’ll go ahead and order some of the Profile Design tape in yellow now. Kind of disappointed because I really liked the way it looked.
The other week I also replaced my brake pads with some new Kool-Stop Salmon pads – hence that signature color accent, they are fabulous.

I also swapped out tires. I had been riding the 700×34 Ritcheys with knobbies that came on the bike (as seen in all my previous photos). But I’ve enjoyed riding on the Bontrager AW-2 700×28 folding tires that are on my commuter bike, so I picked up another pair and put them on Sherman. They are lighter, and ride super smooth. The down side is when the road is not super smooth; because they run with higher pressure my ass feels all those bumps a lot more. Might be time to invest in a carbon fiber seat post!
IMG_0245 IMG_0247

I’d like to get lighter wheels – but frankly wheels are absurdly cost-prohibitive. So instead I think the next thing will be to upgrade the crankset.


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