Clouds are super cool

I hate flying. I’ve always hated flying. And the world we live in these days makes me even more terrified. But, when I have to get on a plane, I marvel at what the world looks like from very very far above. Seeing your city or neighborhood from overhead is pretty cool, but the show gets even more fascinating when you get above the clouds, because clouds are amazing to look at.

We recently flew from Houston to Detroit to attend our friend’s wedding in Ann Arbor (a sweet place, btw). We had great weather in both directions, and I had a window seat both times so I was excited to take some pictures of basically anything I could while we were in the air. We were pretty much over the wing, so I didn’t have the perfect vantage, and it was hazy leaving Houston in the early morning so I didn’t get anything of the city.

But, as the title of this post mentions – I got plenty of cloud pictures because if you stop and think about it, clouds are really freaking cool. Yes, they are literally just big puff balls of water droplets, condensed water, and various other aerosols and particles. But, have you ever stopped and just watched those big puffy clouds for a few minutes. I think it’s mind blowing that you can see them expanding in real time. They take amazing shapes, especially when they are at the forefront of a big bad weather system. Clouds are awesome.

TL;DR – Clouds are awesome. Here are some pictures of clouds I took from a plane.


I liked this particular bank of clouds because of the spires reaching up. It’s amazing what you can’t see from the ground below.


Click to see a larger version and more towers of clouds.


Anvil shaped cloud towers above the rest.

IMG_0343 IMG_0344 IMG_0381 IMG_0382 IMG_0384



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