Karma’s a bitch, just like you

Some of you may have seen this video earlier this week, it went a little viral shortly after it appeared

Two great things have since happened:
1) The cyclist was OK!
2) The lady driving the car was fined $600 AND her license was suspended for three months.

Personally I think the ramifications for obviously, and intentionally, ramming a cyclist like that should be greater, but I am happy something was done and the woman was held responsible.

I only wish things were going as well here in Houston. Every freaking week we hear about cyclists getting run down and killed by motorists, and 99% of them are hit & run. Recently, League City Police (an area south of Houston city limits) released a video from an apartment complex security camera showing a lady pulling up, and trying to fix damage to her car caused by her hitting a cyclist merely seconds before. She left him by the side of the road. It was around 2am. He died.  Here’s the footage:

The good news is, thanks to the camera footage, they found her.

The bad news? The cyclist is still dead.

The worse news? The lady is a nurse. She’s a damn nurse – her job and mission in life is to help people. And she left this guy that she hit to die, alone, on the side of the road, in the dark.

Please share the road. Be patient, and watch for cyclists, especially at night.


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