Wednesday Wrap-Up

I’m in the last stages of studying for the A+ certification tests for IT, so I haven’t given much thought to blogging lately, sorry. So since I missed yesterday’s tirade, I’ll just write quick about a few things going on lately.

Weed: just make it legal already.

Shootings: WTF America. Keep defending that 2nd Amendment, idiots.

The Safety Dance: weirdly catchy song with creepy video.

LEGO: The Mars Curiosity Rover has been on backorder since basically it went on sale on Jan 1st. Mine is finally showing up at the end of this week. I’ll post up some pics of the build when I get it done – probably this weekend.

The LEGO Movie: Every time I see a preview for it on TV, I get more excited. Can’t wait to see it.

The BP MS150: It’s coming up quick. My wife and I still need to reach the $400 minimum each goals. Please consider donating to support the MS Society and our ride. Click the big logo at the top right of the page.

Net Neutrality: If school shootings and  people gunning others down doesn’t bother you, you’re should be worried about this. For those of you who don’t follow tech news, last week the FCC’s Net Neutrality rule was stricken down, and that means trouble for the internet – and for you. Basically it’s like this: with the net neutrality rule in place, your internet service provider (ISP), be it Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, whatever, is forced to allow access to all websites and internet traffic equally and freely. You can stream Netflix, you can use Bit Torrent, you can run an FTP server, you can visit the Dalai Lama’s official website, you can read my blog.

But with that rule now gone, your ISP is free to basically screw you more than they already do. We all hate our ISPs because they charge outrageous prices for mediocre internet speeds and typically awful customer support. Well, guess what. Now Verizon can choose to charge Netflix a price to stream on their network. Who do you think Netflix is going to pass that added cost on to? You, of course. So that cheap $7/month you enjoy could jump suddenly to $25 or more – who knows (I just made up that number). Let’s say the CEO of AT&T U-Verse doesn’t care for Twitter because of how it clogs the tubes. Well, subscribers to U-Verse may suddenly find out they can’t access Twitter anymore because AT&T is now allowed to block it. They can block the ports and protocols that bit torrent uses to transfer files, thus eliminating a legal way files are distributed. Perhaps Comcast doesn’t like what I have to say about their company – they can choose to block my page from any Comcast subscribers.

The neutrality of the internet is gone. This is dangerous. The FCC needs to change how they categorize ISPs which in turn can change how the ISP are regarded in terms of their service. This will help replacing the FCC’s net neutrality rules. In the meantime, your ISPs have more control over your content, and the government continues to be run by old fogies who don’t understand how the internet works. Be afraid.


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