My Top 5 Ugliest Cars (current models)

I like cars. I’m not a car guy, but I appreciate a good lookin’ motor vehicle. That being said, there sure are a lot of ugly ones out there these days.

These are models still in production, which us why you won’t see the Pontiac Aztec, or Subaru Baja, or Honda Element on the list, even though they are incredibly ugly.

#5: Infiniti QX
2013-Infiniti-QX-profile-mountains-1024x640This SUV is for people who want to tell the world “I have a lot of money!” but also “I have zero taste.” I’ve always been a fan of the boxier SUVs and trucks. But the QX looks like it spent too much time in a wind tunnel and got its features wind-swept. Perhaps an 80’s guy who has slicked back his hair with way too much gel. The rear-end looks bubbly and blocky at the same time (if you could believe that), and while you can’t see if from this picture, next time you see one on the road just look at the lines of it – they’re terribly unappealing.

#4: Ford Escape
FordEscape_02_620x433I was a fan of the previous model Escape. Like I said above it was more boxy, and mixed with some slight slopes and curves it was a sharp looking sport utility vehicle. This thing though? Just file it under “another SUV masquerading as a really big car.” The giant front end and the huge body make it look too big for it’s wheels. The sloping and curving lines take away any chance of it being anywhere near rugged looking enough to go on any “escapes.” IMO this has been one of the worst remodels in the recent memory.

#3: Nissan Juke
jukeThere are so many stupid things about this car I don’t know where to begin. Maybe the severely sloping – no wait they’re basically flat – headlights, or the rear hatch that’s flanked by tail lights that both slope precariously but also kick out to the side. And the sloping roof that ends up making the read windows more like the hatches in 3rd class on Titanic. Here’s what I picture in my head when I think of the folks at Nissan designing this: the clay scale model is mostly done, but Roger’s idiot kid just came to work with daddy in his new pirate outfit with his plastic sword swinging and accidentally lopped off pieces all over. Then Roger was like – meh I’m too lazy to fix it. We’ll just say it’s an edgy new design.

#2: Nissan Cube
005_us_cube_review_optaHot on the tails of the stunning success of the Scion xB and the new my car looks like a toaster craze, Nissan gave us the Cube. Aptly named, of course. But holy crap. I don’t think I need to explain this choice.

#1: Fiat 500L
fiat-500l-lounge-pictureAll of the new Fiats look awful. I mean, dreadfully terrible. But the 500L is special. It looks like a Mini Cooper had sex with a Volkswagen Mini-bus, and this was the result. It might be hard to tell from this picture, but when you see one on the road, you’ll understand. Try not to throw up while driving.

Runners up include: Hyundai Tuscon, Hyundai Veloster, Subaru XV, Scion IQ, Prius C, and Prius V.


4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Ugliest Cars (current models)

  1. I thought that Nissan Cube looked bizarre at the first time I saw it driving on a road in front of my car. However, I started to think it is actually cute and unique because of its different shape from other cars.

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