And the first LEGO Simpsons set is…

Good old 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield.


I’ll be the first to admit I don’t closely follow LEGO news, or rumor sites or anything like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love my LEGO, but I’ve got better things to do – and I like a good surprise every now and then. So, I had no idea LEGO was starting a new licensed series of sets for The Simpsons. I’m curious though how far LEGO can go with this unless they mostly keep it to modular buildings such as the the Simpsons’ House. I suppose you could get more staples like Springfield Elementary, Moe’s Tavern, and the Nuclear Power Plant – however those all seem like they could be large, pricey sets.

Speaking of pricey – let’s look at what we’ve got here for the Simpsons House. Six minifigs, a detailed interior that opens, a licensed theme, 2500+ pieces…I’ll wager this set is $150, easy. Also, I’m leery of the minifigs. We’ve seen minifigs with the weird plastic heads before, and given the nature of The Simpsons, and the photo above, it’s obvious that’s the direction LEGO is going. Homer and Flanders look alright, but the rest of the family looks awful – at least in that photo. I guess we’ll see!

I think I’m stuck somewhere between


















There is no release date set yet for this set, so for now we’ll just have to wait and see what other pieces of Springfield LEGO will bring us.

Info courtesy of Brickfan & Gizmodo.


4 thoughts on “And the first LEGO Simpsons set is…

  1. I did hear that this was the only Simpsons set that the UK will see. If it is, then it’s an expensive way to open the franchise to get a decent return. But I’d like to know why Lego are still going for this – The Simpsons movie was a while back and I’m not sure that it really has had much of a re-emergence.
    Personally, I’m more taken with the current collectable series with the Lego movie tie-in.

    • I had the same after thought after publishing the post – and made a similar comment on Facebook with a friend of mine. The Simpsons hasn’t been watchable in over a decade. I happened to have FOX on after the football game last night and “watched” the new episode and it was just absolutely awful.
      As far as this fan is concerned, The Simpsons ended in season 9. Everything season 10-present is garbage. I agree The Simpsons aren’t really relevant anymore and I don’t understand the push for this. The nostalgia in me is happy about it, though.

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