Tuesday Tirade: The LEGO DeLorean set looks like crap

If you’re like me you probably weren’t aware there was an entire division of LEGO called LEGO CUUSOO. Basically it’s a place where fans can create their own LEGO models or sets and post them publicly. If they get enough supporters backing their idea (10,000 minimum), then they are considered by LEGO for official production. It’s fairly new and there have only been four official Cuusoo models released.  What’s the bonus (aside from having your model put into production)? You get a cut of the profits too. It’s only 1% of the total net sales, but hey it’s better than a kick in the face. In fact, the Exo-Suit from the LEGO Space book I reviewed a while ago was LEGO-BTTF-DeLorean-1chosen as #6 to be produced.

Anyway, on to today’s tirade.

LEGO Cuusoo model #4, which has just recently been released was the DeLorean time machine made famous by the Back To The Future movies.

But, holy crap does it look terrible. I mean, just look at it. I don’t know what’s going on with the tiny roof and the frame. The front end is blocky and ugly. Look, I applaud the person who made the original model that was voted on, but this is pretty terrible by LEGO standards.

This is what the originally submitted model looked liked that was voted up:
thumb640x360It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the final product. It’s at this point I should tell you LEGO reserves the right to tweak your model before its final official release. In this case, they made it worse. According to GeekDad, the design changes were to accommodate some interior details, but, poor form I still say.

Thankfully, the same designer who made the original before LEGO slaughtered it is at it again. Check out his hopeful model of the DeLorean for LEGO’s Ultimate Collector’s Series:
thumb640x360-4Not only does it look fantastic – it’s also larger and is remote controlled. It’s only a little over 500 votes away from hitting that 10,000 mark, too! Click the picture to go to the LEGO site for it. This is one I could get behind.

I’d also like to give a shoutout to Zach Sweigart who created another model of the DeLorean back in 2006. His looked pretty badass as well. Click the picture of the link to visit his site to see many more pictures.

I know this seems like a weird thing for a Tuesday Tirade, but as a fan of LEGO it’s pretty disappointing to have such an sub-par model. LEGO usually has excellent standards and a great attention to detail. At a time when people are creating literal masterpieces of architecture and art with LEGO bricks I feel this set is pretty far below par.


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