Things just got Surly, folks

This past Saturday was NEW BIKE DAY!! The wife and I got new bikes. Hot diggity. Mine is a Surly Cross-Check – a road/cross bike that can basically be used for anything and everything; commuting, touring, cyclocross racing, and weekend pleasure rides. I love its classic steel road bike design with the straight top tube and narrow frame tubing. It’s bar end shifters are a little out of the ordinary but are easy to use and basically bomb-proof. I’ve got about 50 miles on it already and am absolutely loving it.

I’m going to be upgrading the bottle cages so they’re a little more aesthetically pleasing – and match color – going with two silver ones. Also going to be adding some clipless pedals and getting rid of the stock giant platforms.

We’ll be riding our new bikes in the BP MS150 in April, so training for the ride will begin in earnest in January. It’s a fundraiser for the MS Society so please donate to support our participation in the event. We’re incredibly excited to have spiffy new bikes and to be able to ride the hell out of them from Houston to Austin. We also plan on doing some bike touring across Texas and other parts of the US in the future.

Here she is!

The wife got a Specialized Tricross, but I don’t have any photos out riding it yet – I went alone yesterday and took these photos.


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