My Wife, the Geologist

Today, is my wife’s thesis defense in structural geology. And she’s going to kick its ass. I’m super proud of her. She’s worked incredibly hard the past two and a half years taking required classes, doing research in the field, interpreting enormous amounts of data and producing over 100 pages and diagrams of a written thesis. Sometimes she would be gone for a week at a time in the woods and national parks of North Carolina studying and collecting rock samples, camping and hiking to various locations. I couldn’t begin to explain what her research is about, but I know it deals with some pretty badass geologic history of the Appalachian area of the US.

We made up a LEGO version of her in her field vest, field pants, and with her trusty rock hammer. So here’s to you baby! My wife, the geologist. Congratulations!

UPDATE: She passed!


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