Dear NBC’s Coverage of the National Dog Show,

You suck.

Your coverage sucks.

It has sucked for years.

I’m a dog lover. My wife is a dog lover. My entire family is dog lovers – a sentiment echoed by a good majority of the population of the country I’m sure. While not everyone is interested in watching prissy dogs parade around a ring being judged a lot of us do enjoy the spectacle. But WTF. The event airs on NBC for two hours. With commercials that knocks actual viewing time down to about an hour and twenty minutes, give or take a few.

My problem with NBC’s coverage is that is constantly cuts away to commercial in the middle of the presentation rounds and you end up missing anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 of the dogs and then suddenly the judge is picking winners and dogs appear that you have no idea what they are or anything about them. The behind the scenes segments are pretty alright – can be fun to see and learn about some breeds or things like prepping the dogs for the show. But people are tuning in to see the dogs.

We’ve always been a Terrier family. My family’s first dog was a Border Terrier. I loved that dog. Super adorable. And currently my wife and I have a Cairn Terrier named Chainsaw (many of you met him on a LEGO a Day when he was having surgery). But because they cut to commercial during the Terriers segment, we saw neither. And neither were picked to place so we couldn’t even catch a glimpse of them. So basically the entire point for us of watching the dog show was wasted and gone. Ok we do enjoy seeing the other dogs too – but you know everyone has that special place in their heart for their favorite breeds and they want to see them.

Events like football and baseball and pretty much every other damn sport have commercial time-outs. No play occurs. For those of you who have been to those games you know there’s a special guy that literally stands out on the field stopping play and then signals when the commercial break is over so play can resume. But events like the dog show don’t have that – instead they just literally skip parts of it. It’s kind of like how NBC airs the Olympics – which are coming up in a few months too. The whole thing is obnoxious. But you know, nothing is more important than the almighty sports game. Bow down. I love watching football as much as the next guy, but I also love dogs. And rugby. Why the hell is there no Rugby on TV in the US? Rugby is ten times the sport football is.

Anyway, NBC, you suck, and you made me miss my favorite dogs. You ruined my Thanksgiving and you’re going to have to live with that.


2 thoughts on “Dear NBC’s Coverage of the National Dog Show,

  1. Absolutely! We watch the parade (skipping over the drag performances this year) and then the dog show and when that’s over, then football. The kids are always so disappointed when their favorite breeds get skipped. Maybe they really do think it’s filler and that no one is watching. They are wrong.

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