Tuesday Tirade: Christmas Before Thanksgiving

It seems to me in the past decade or so Thanksgiving has become the black sheep of the American Holiday family. Oh sure, everyone is always lauding the amazing feasts, and football, and travel plans to see loved ones. But let’s be honest, Black Friday has turned into the holiday and Thanksgiving is really just a day dedicated to cooking excessively.

And it goes beyond that.

Every year more and more people are putting up Christmas decorations as soon as the Halloween ones come down on November 1st. This is unacceptable. I’m not saying one needs to decorate for Thanksgiving – in fact it’d probably be pretty dull. But I’m of the mind that the absolute earliest any Christmas decorations should go up is the Monday following Thanksgiving – and that still makes me cringe a little. Personally I would never put up any decorations before December 1st. Am I being a grinch? Some would probably say so. But seriously folks even if you wait until December 1st to put up your lights and tree you still have the whole month to marvel at your handiwork and sing your carols and hope your insane lights display makes it on the news. Most people don’t take down their tree or decorations until after New Year’s Day, and that’s cool.

But don’t be that guy. Don’t put up your Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. Enjoy Thanksgiving. And for the love of God stay home on Thanksgiving – don’t leave dinner at 6pm to go stand in line at Wal-Mart. Then you become part of the problem. You really need that shitty quality no-name brand HDTV that much? No. Family first. Hit the mall on Black Friday see what you can find. But let’s make Thanksgiving a good whole holiday again, please. And leave the boxes of tangled lights to the Griswolds until December.

Now, pass the stuffing.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tirade: Christmas Before Thanksgiving

  1. SO true! We don’t get our tree until the week before Christmas, mostly because we don’t like a dead tree on Christmas Day. ๐Ÿ™‚ We don’t take it down until school’s Winter Break is over. ๐Ÿ™‚ (we got out extremely early today because of snow) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Loved your tirade. You said pretty much everything I’ve been thinking for years.

    We decorate for Thanksgiving, and we don’t even think of Christmas decorations until well into December (we also celebrate Advent, which like Thanksgiving has been all but forgotten by most people). And don’t get me started with Christmas music. I love it…AT CHRISTMASTIME. Any station that plays it in November gets temporarily taken off my car’s preset buttons. I don’t even get out my CDs until Christmas Eve, but then I play them until Groundhog Day.

    There’s a time and a place for everything, and right now it’s time for Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping the rest of the world takes time to realize what a wonderful holiday it is. And sleep in on Black Friday!

  3. A comment from the UK (who don’t have thanksgiving):
    Christmas decorations have been on sale since BEFORE Halloween. Actually, those decorations have been UP in shops before Halloween – almost as if because that’s only one night really it can be ignored (plus of course fireworks have been on sale for weeks before and after too).
    Without the Thanksgiving feast point, it means that many families have been getting those decorations out and put on display almost as soon as the 5th November has passed.

    Working away from home has meant staying in a hotel – and that means insufferable Christmas tunes over breakfast and dinner (I just cant bring myself to put headphones on whilst eating).

    In short, I share your frustration here, even though we don’t have Thanksgiving (although it won’t surprise me if it gets adopted at some point).

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