Oh Hai. Earth spews forth another new island!

Just last week I was writing about the volcanic island Surtsey off the coast of Iceland celebrating its 50th birthday. It’s not often people get to witness the creation of an entirely new landmass. But, Mother Earth is at it again! No rest for the weary I guess. This time on the complete opposite side of the planet, near Japan.
Say hi to the new island of Niijima. It’s still pretty small – roughly 650 feet across, but scientists can’t say right at this point how much larger it will get. The island busted through the surface of the Pacific Ocean earlier today (Thursday) near another small uninhabited island in the Nishino-shima area in the Japanese archipelago. (see map)
Similar eruptions have occurred in the area before in Japanese waters, but the tiny islands have mostly been eroded by rough Pacific waters. The same may happen to this new island – it’s just too early to say yet. For now though, let’s just revel in the awesomeness that is volcanos. SCIENCE!

Some badass video footage of the eruption can be found in a release from Japanese news FNN News.com. Watch it!! Who cares if you can’t understand it – unless you’re Japanese. The footage is awesome.

Images & info courtesy of Wired.com / Globalnews.ca / ibtimes.com / Japanese Coast Guard / AP


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