Sense: This Makes None Of It

Consider this:
1452045_553653778036835_150064905_ntaken from the Badass Teachers Association Facebook Page

By the way, Rhee’s credentials of teaching for three years via TFA (Teach For America) is a bunch of garbage. TFA is garbage. TFA is not teaching prep, or teacher education. It’s a 5 week course out of which people are tossed into high-needs, low-performing schools expecting miracles. The other hitch – TFA “graduates” are only on the hook to teach for 2 years. Most use it as a stepping stone for some other career. The percentage that stay and actually develop into good educators is so small its not worth mentioning.

How is it that these people are in charge of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of teachers – making their rules and policies – when they never, to use a cliche, walked a mile in our shoes? How were the standards and curriculum (Common Core, among others) developed by people who don’t know anything about teaching, or child development? I don’t get it. And finally, let’s not forget that ultimately who suffers the most? Not us teachers. It’s the kids. They get a revolving door of teachers coming in and out – no stability of staff. They get beaten down teachers who are forced to teach standards developmentally inappropriate, and then are told they aren’t smart enough when they fail standardized tests they shouldn’t be taken at that level in the first place.

Is any of this making any sense yet?

Also, Arne Duncan, you went to Harvard for a Sociology degree? Seriously? God, you are worthless.


4 thoughts on “Sense: This Makes None Of It

  1. Yup. I’ve been in education now 3 years and I’m getting out. It’s not “No Child Left Behind” it is “No Federal Dollar Left Behind”. Kids’ are the product schools and corporations are selling to the government to make money.

    • 6 years was enough for me. I still want to teach but can’t bring myself to do it. I love my profession, but hate my job. I can’t deal with idiots handing down instructions to me that have no business even being involved in my profession.

  2. This is what government does nowadays: tell people how to do things when it has no idea what it’s talking about. EPA, education, insurance, farming, retirement planning (social security), dealing with poverty, oil drilling, you name it. (That’s not even the tip of the iceberg, mind you.) If government does it or regulates it, you can be sure they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. That’s the way it will be with healthcare (actually, has been for a long time through Medicare, just even more invasive now). That’s why we need less government, not more. I just wish more people would realize that what they see in their own profession actually happens in all the other fields.

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