Lifehack: Cat-proof your small wastebaskets

Let’s face is: cats are jerks.
Living with a pair of cats for the past 4 years has taught me a lot of tricks to keep me from launching them in a trebuchet for my own enjoyment. Here’s one I thought of last month. Someone else may have already thought of this – in fact I’d be surprised if no one hasn’t. But I never saw it before so when I thought of it I was very proud of myself and also really angry I hadn’t thought of this 4 years ago.

Here are Love & Rayleigh, the two perpetrators, stalking a squirrel outside our apartment.

You know the small wastebaskets you have in your home office, or the bathroom, or the bedroom? They’re super convenient for people, but a magnet for inquisitive jerky cats. If they can paw at it, and tip it, it’s going over – spilling all that garbage all over the floor. No matter how many times you stuff the garbage back in and tip the can upright it’ll be knocked over again in a few hours. Because cats are jerks.

So to solve this problem I took a 3M/Command hook  and affixed it to the wall upside down. Now the wastebasket can’t be tipped over because the lip of the can catches on the hook. Simple as hell, and works like a charm. There are many different styles/kinds of the 3M hooks so make sure you get one that leaves enough space for your wastebasket to catch on. The one I used is one of the more beefy models.
Here it is at work in our bathroom.

You don’t have to detach the hook from the wall to empty the wastebasket either. Just remember to leave a little space between the top of the basket and the hook that allows you to tip the basket under it to get it in and out. Piece of cake.


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