The trail I ride quite often cuts through the middle of a very large nature preserve & park. A bayou also strings its way through the entire length of the park and beyond. Needless to say when it rains heavily here in Houston, things flood. It’s flat – really flat, and the water table is very high near the surface. So when trying to go for a ride the other day, this is what I ran into:
It may not look like much, but the water in some places was flowing rather rapidly across the path, and was just deep enough to come over my rims. I pressed forward through this particular area but up around the bend you see further up it was much worse. It looked so deep I didn’t dare try to bike through. So I turned around, defeated by mother nature yet again.

Yesterday I took my chances on a very grey and gloomy day and went for about 25 miles praying the entire time the rain would hold off. I started the return trip just in time because the whole way back I was looking at this in my rear view mirror

The crappy cell phone pic doesn’t do it justice, it was quite menacing.


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