The LEGO Movie [Official Trailer]

So for those of you who followed my LEGO blog, you’d know that this is a fitting first post for my new, catch-all blog.
I first found out there was going to an official LEGO movie a few months ago. There was a trailer released a while back that actually looked pretty promising. Now, with the official trailer released, I must say I’m both excited, amused, and horrified.

Why I am excited:
Well it should be so surprise given how much I love LEGO. And everyone loves it when movies get made out of their favorite things, right? I mean, the movies are always fantastic! Just look at the majority of the movies based of my favorite Michael Crichton novels: Congo – disgraceful, Sphere – just terrible, The Lost World – they based that on the book?, Timeline – so dumbed down it contained Paul Walker.

Why I am amused:
If a LEGO movie is going to be made, they have to do it right. From what I can glean from the trailer, it looks like they are making the little things count. The spinning two faced heads, the traffic patrol spinning his arms around and around to direct traffic, and using memorable minifigs and sets. I’ll be very happy if they keep ‘LEGO physics’ consistent throughout the movie. It should add a whole other layer of humor.

Why I am horrified:
Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long. Since the late 90’s/early 2000’s, LEGO has seen a huge resurgence in the toy market. Yes, they were big in the 80’s but the popularity kind of slacked off for quite a while. I think when LEGO Star Wars became a thing, it introduced a whole new generation to the magic of LEGO, and reintroduced people like me to the glorious things you can do with simple LEGO bricks. Why does this horrify me? Well, that part doesn’t. What does is its capacity to be an ungodly terrible movie. We all know when things become incredibly popular, industries just can’t wait to cash in. Given how long it takes to create and render a fully animated movie like this, I’m sure it’s been in the pipeline for years. But when things are made for money, little else goes into them. Just from the trailer alone, it looks like the movie is going to need those little extra bits of detail and fun (like the physical movement constraints of minifigures) because the story is nothing new. Regular chum thrust into greatness because he’s the chosen one. Neo did it. About 64 different Jet Li movies did it. Arthur Dent did it – despite his penchant for panicking even when advise not to.

Am I overreacting? Probably. After all, it’s just a trailer. Who knows what the movie will be like. I, for one, hope it’s almost as good as the original Toy Story. I say almost because there’s no way it can be. Toy Story is awesome.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer:


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